AXOR MyEdition bath spout
AXOR MyEdition bath spout, projection 176 mm chrome/black 47410600
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AXOR MyEdition bath spout, projection 176 mm chrome/black 47410600



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Black is beautiful! We are sure that the AXOR MyEdition bath spout, projection 176 mm chrome/black 47410600 is the perfect addition for an exceptional interior design in black or as an exciting contrast in a bright architectural environment.

Black fixtures, decorative accessories and furniture give your home a sophisticated and unique feel.

AXOR MyEdition wall-mounted spout, projection 176 mm chrome/black 47410600

AXOR MyEdition Wall-Mounted Spout

  • spray mode: normal spray
  • wall-mounted
  • with exchangeable safety glass plate
Item number:
brass/safety glass
weight (kg):
Projection (mm):
Type of Fitting:
single spouts
max. water consumption of the fitting at 3 bar (l/min):
max. water consumption of the bath inlet at 3 bar (l/min):
with bath spout
without shower rail
Number of outlets:
1 outlet

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Special AXOR surface finishes on request: polished chrome, polished bronze, brushed bronze, brushed gold optic, polished redgold, brushed redgold, polished black chrome, brushed black chrome, steel optic, brushed nickel, polished nickel, polished brass, brushed brass, polished gold optic. We also offer custom finishes in almost any color with high-quality paintwork, powder coating or galvanic surface processing on request for special projects.

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Low-lead legislation

Hansgrohe is pleased to announce that all relevant products under the Axor and Hansgrohe brands are compliant with California’s and Vermont’s low-lead legislation, which limits the lead content of pipes, pipe fittings or plumbing fittings, and fixtures intended to convey or dispense water for human consumption through drinking or cooking. Since the enactment of this legislation in 2007, Hansgrohe has been preparing for the anticipated change through product development and availability.

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AXOR 47410600 for contractors, builders, interior designers and architects

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You can click on “Item specifics” above this description to view technical details, measurements, available colors or other versions of the AXOR MyEdition wall-mounted spout, projection 176 mm chrome/black. We also offer custom finishes and re-plating in almost any color on request for special projects.

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