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Black Bathroom Mixer Taps in Various Styles
Vintage Style Single Handle Mixer Taps
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Overhead Showers
Overhead Showersceiling and wall-mountedShop Now
Hand Showers
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Gorgeous Black Bathroom Ideas for 2022

Black is a timeless, classic, elegant color that’s at its best in modern and contemporary bathroom designs. Also Black never goes out of fashion, so using it ensures that your bathroom doesn’t go stale. Whether you use black as an accent color or you make it the focus of the room, black works!

Add space, light, and sophistication with gloss

Black and gloss go together like cookies and milk. Avoid the dreaded cave effect with a little bit of reflection.

Black Bathroom Glossy
Black and Dark Grey Bathroom Design
Black and Dark Grey

Straight edges and a dark palette give this gorgeous bathroom a sharp, modern style. You’ll see more and more of the concrete tub in the future, as this style is gaining popularity.

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Waterfall Rain Shower Spa Massage Jet Shower Column

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